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I was looking back to see how quickly I wrote my novel. All but the first 24 thousand words were written in the last 17 days. I think this shows that starting to write is the most difficult part. It proves that you should keep at it. It will get easier once you get going and get used to writing.

I’d also like to note that my ideas were coming out so quickly at that stage that I probably have a lot of editing to do. Certainly proofreading those beginning 24 thousand words has proved difficult. 

I am mostly changing the way my character told the story because she has changed along the way, the sort of character she is, not developing her character. I have also found more than a few good ideas I had that I didn’t follow through with. I created a separate file for continuity, writing these ideas down along with my continuity errors, so I can try to work them into the later parts of my story.