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It is sad after all the work I put into my novel if my synopsis on the back of the book isn’t any good probably no one will read it. Which is why I have been laboring over my short synopsis for this past week. I’m not sure how it’s turning out as I’ve redone and reread it so many times I had to take a brain break. I could no longer tell what was wrong with it. I’ve posted it below, please let me know what you think. I appreciate criticism.

I’m feeling a bit of stage fright posting my first chapter tomorrow. It’s only 3 pages, but since it’s the first three pages it has been through the most versions and has certainly been the most work.

I finally came up with a title for my novel, Woven Magic, from the way magic works for my character. I thought of it when I was on vacation and away from a computer. I went nuts worrying that Woven Magic was taken until I could get to google. Fortunately, my title wasn’t taken. I was so happy I went and reserved it on Facebook. I scanned in the sketches I did a while back to help me describe my characters and colored them for the page. It took far longer than anticipated, but doesn’t everything?

Woven Magic Synopsis:

Ten years ago the shift occurred. For one day the Earth was merged with another world and strange sword-wielding people were everywhere. Afterwards everything went back to normal, except several million humans wound up on the other world. In this new world technology fails, but magic is real.

Altera is a human girl who has a unique magic gift. She doesn’t know how to control her magic yet and whenever she tries things go badly. Magically defending her village from brigands causes her to be cast out by her friends and neighbors in fear of her power. She thinks learning magic will solve all her problems, little does she know it is just the start of them. Altera is going to be more crucial to the future of this world than she could ever have dreamed.

Mage Jyk is a Kuth, a native of the world of magic. He has taken on the unique and unwanted job of being a regional mage. Taking care of anything illegal involving magic is the job of the regional mage. It is always an adventure, but nothing ever goes smoothly.

Regional mages usually don’t take apprentices due to the dangerous nature of their work, but Jyk has agreed to take Altera on as his apprentice. Altera tries to prove herself and in the process reveals she has special skills even Jyk has never seen before.