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nora roberts fix anything but a blank page

Once I realized why I was having so much trouble with my plot, I was able to fix it. I was trying to force the plot to be something that it wasn’t. I’d spent a lot of time on the characters back-stories, but then their pasts didn’t impact the plot at all. So, it turns out what I thought was my plot was really just a subplot.

I hit my 50k on Wednesday, (Yay!) but I have a lot left to write before my story is finished. I know what is going to happen up to my climax now, but I still have to figure out how it’s going to end. Who’s going to be the real bad guy after all? At least I have plenty of options.

I’m glad that I attempted NaNo, because it’s taught me a lot about writing a plot.

To celebrate the end of November I’ll posting my first chapter here next week, after I’ve edited it a little. Sorry for the short post, I’ve been having a lovely Holiday weekend with my family.

How is your writing coming?