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untold story maya anglou

Since I started writing again, I’ve really learned a lot. I could easily write a top 100 list, but I’ve edited it down to just the most important things. (Thanks to number 9.)

1. Writing is surprisingly easy, but editing SO isn’t.

2. Social networking is important and isn’t as hard as it looks.

3. I eventually have to stop editing and rewriting. (Still a goal at this point.)

4. My constant daydreaming is actually common among writers, along with some of my other idiosyncrasies. (I’m not alone! I have found my people.)

5. I have to learn to write down my whole story. I always forget to put all of the details I just know. (Sharing everything with the eventual reader is important…)

6. I cannot write in present tense and shouldn’t try, it messes everything up. There’s nothing wrong with past tense.

7. How to read as a writer. (And watch movies and TV.)

8. Just how important showing is for a story.

9. The importance of only including what is most important. (and to cut the rest.)

10. I truly enjoy writing. It makes me happier than anything else. (I wonder why I ever stopped? Stupid little voice in my head telling myself I wasn’t good enough.)

I’ve done so much this year with my writing. I can’t wait to find out what next year brings.

What have you learned this year about writing and yourself?