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angels take manhatten

This week’s topic is brought to you by Doctor Who, proving that you can find inspiration anywhere you look.

(In the future River Song will write a book, but the Doctor and company can’t read ahead, because if you know something is going to happen in the future, you insure that it will.)

Amy Pond: “But if River’s going to write that book she’d make it useful, yeah?”

River Song: “Well I’ll certainly try. But we can’t read ahead, it’s too dangerous.”

Amy Pond: “I know, but there must be something we can look at.”

The Doctor: “What, a page of handy hints? Previews, spoiler-free.”

Amy Pond: “Chapter titles.”

So many books right now only number the chapters, but I find that rather boring, so I’ve been naming mine. Right now, the titles are only to help me navigate my novel, but I’m trying to make them more into teasers for the chapter. (The way TV show writers do for episode titles.)

I don’t want to spoil anything with my chapter titles, because that’s often the first thing I read when I pick up a book. It’s not easy coming up with sixty clever phrases, (fun though) and if I do my job right, just reading the chapters will make people want to read my book. (At least that’s what I’m hoping.)

Chapter titles are also a good opportunity to show the voice of a novel. Is the book humorous? This is a good place to show that off.

My first chapter is called Born of two worlds. (One down, fifty-nine more to name.)

Do you name your chapters or just use numbers? Which do you prefer while reading?