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It’s my birthday and the best present you could give me is reading and critiquing my story.

What’s it about? Here’s my latest summery.

Ten years ago two worlds merged, but when they split apart the Earth left several human cities behind in the world of the Kuth.

Everyone knows Altera is strange, her hair is never the same color you saw it last, but they don’t realize how special she is. Altera can see magic, enabling her to weave threads of magic together without the ceremony magic usually requires.

On a visit to a local Kuth village, Altera aids a healer who claims she’s a legendary Madj. The healer contacts her relative Jyk, to help Altera. Jyk is also a Madj, but he isn’t a teacher, he’s a regional, someone who travels across the land aiding countries with magical problems. Jyk has never had an apprentice before and doesn’t plan to start now, but after meeting Altera, he begins to change his mind.

Sound good? Read it here https://mollymortensen.wordpress.com/sample-chapter/

I’d like to know what you think and feel free to be harsh, I can handle it and I need to hear it. I’d rather honest criticism over false flattery any day. Thank you for stopping by.