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Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy

Pages: 368

I won another book from Netgalley! (I was also approved for The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black, but I can’t post a review until next month, 30 days before its release date.)

I haven’t read the trilogy, but you don’t have to, Sinner stands on its own.

Sinner is billed as a fantasy, (and Cole is a werewolf) but Sinner’s really more of a romance. The werewolf part isn’t all that important to the plot and is easily ignorable, so don’t pass on this book just because of the werewolves.

SUMMARY: (By Molly.)

Cole used to be a popular music singer, but after a drug overdose on stage he’s stayed out of the public eye for over a year. He decided to take a job creating an album on a reality TV show so he can go to LA and see Isabel again.

Isabel has just graduated high school. She has a job at a fancy designer’s store and she’s taking classes to get her CNA in nursing, because it will help her get into med school. She’s good at not caring about anyone. The last thing she expected was for Cole to turn up at her work, bringing all her old feelings back.


This was my first book by Maggie Stiefvater. She has a unique voice and has an interesting use of similes. I liked the way she describes things. Perhaps because of the wolves in this book, everything is described in scents. LA was beautifully pictured. It was like the city was a character in the book. She really puts the reader into the scene. (Molly moves the Raven Boys up on her to read list.)

I thought she depicted accurately what it must be like inside the mind of a recovered drug addict. I loved all the little inside jokes the characters had and the nicknames they had for places and things. (Isabel’s House of Dismay and Ruin.)

Cole and Isabel knew each other before Sinner, (In the trilogy I’m guessing.) but it didn’t feel like I missed anything. They had feelings for each other before, but in this book we’re there for the start of their relationship and its growth.

They’re not your typical protagonists, but surprisingly they’re both likable. Even though Isabel can come off as cold and unfeeling and Cole uses people like they’re objects. They both still have someone who shows they can be kind. Cole is nice to his driver Leon for no reason other than the man seems unhappy and Isabel cares about her cousin Sofia and wishes she’d learn to stand up for herself. I liked both Sofia and Leon. Sofia reminded me of myself, except she can cook. (This book sure made me hungry!)

The characters really grew into themselves and it was done so subtly as to be believable. They were still the same people, but stronger.

I’m torn when it comes to epilogues that take place years after the story, but I felt that Sinner needed one and was made all the better for it.

Though Sinner isn’t an action book it’s fast paced and not at all boring. I read it in one day, so that tells you something! I’d recommend Sinner to fans of romance books.

8/10 Stars

My favorite quote:

I only knew that my heart was galloping so fast that my fingers were numb. Logically, I knew it was just from surprise, but I didn’t know if it was like Surprise, here is a cake or Surprise, you’ve had a stroke.