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Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Pages: 320

Point of view: First Person, Nym

Source: Netgalley

Release Date: August 19, 2014

Molly’s Rating: 8/10 Stars

My Summary: Nymia is a slave in the kingdom of Faelen, which has long been at war. She’s also a rare Elemental with white hair and blue eyes. All Elementals are male and killed at birth, but because Nym is female she was spared.

Her parents died when she was five and she was taken in by a midwife, but after disaster struck she was sold as a slave. Nym’s had fourteen owners now and each time her curse somehow hurts them.

Nym’s new owner Adora gives Nym a chance to learn to control her powers, something she thought was impossible. Adora’s only helping her because Faelen is losing the war and she want Nym to become a weapon.

There’s political intrigue and people plotting while the country is at war, but Storm Siren is mostly about Nym learning to use her powers.

My Review: I admit it, I was first interested in this book because of the cover. Can you blame me? I love a kick butt girl and though she is a slave there’s nothing weak about Nym, she’s tough. Her attitude when she gets a new owner is setting down what she will and won’t put up with. (and it’s not work she’s concerned about.) I have the impression she’s had a rough time of it. Her past is well done except for the occasional flashback to her parents’ deaths. (which I didn’t find necessary.)

There was a romance subplot and it’s well done. I can see where some would call it a love triangle, but it’s not. There’s no wishy-washy-ness in Nym. She’s only interested in one of the men and she makes it clear that she only considers the other her friend. The romance is slow and well done as both try to fight their feelings for various reasons.

The good: Nym isn’t a perfect heroine, she’s had a hard past and her left hand was broken and didn’t heal properly, but she’s tough and spunky and I liked her. Though she’s supposed to be super powerful she doesn’t use her powers to solve her problems, they’ve mostly been the cause of her problems. Nym really grew throughout the novel, as she learned to trust people and realized that she wasn’t a monster.

All of the characters were great. Adora, Nym’s new owner, is an eccentric and powerful politician, who throws crazy parties. Eogan, Nym’s trainer is gorgeous and mysterious. Breck is a blind maid at Adora’s mansion and becomes Nym’s friend. Brekk’s twin brother Colin has been training with Eogan and he’s a huge flirt, but also a nice guy. There were a few other characters but there wasn’t enough time to develop them much yet.

The world building was good too and everything was explained so gradually that I wasn’t confused. Things were renamed, but all the names were simple, like terrameters for distance. I liked unique animals, which were combinations of animals like panther-monkeys and ferret-cats.

The plot was somewhat but not entirely predictable, and there was plenty to keep me guessing.

The Bad: There wasn’t much bad in this novel, except it felt too short. I wanted to watch more of Nym’s lessons and go to more parties and fight more battles. (There wasn’t much of the later in the book.)

The worst part of this book is the ending. [Small spoilers] It’s actually only the last page that’s bad. There was enough left open for another book and then the author decided to punch her readers in the face. (That’s what it felt like to me.) It really tainted how I felt about this book, because it was so good up until that last little bit! Why?! [End Spoilers]

Would I recommend this book? Yep. Do I plan to read the next one? I think so.


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