I’m sorry I haven’t been online much. On August 26th my father passed away. I’d like to celebrate his life and since this is a book blog I’m featuring his favorite books today.

41bYP5R+7ELHarry Potter

Dad’s favorite books are by far Harry Potter. He had them all on audio CD and we’d listen to them every car ride. I have the movies memorized because we own them all and every time they’d come on TV we’d watch them and talk about how they changed them from the books.

Harry’s always lived a normal if sad life with his aunt and uncle, until one day he gets a letter addressed to him. His uncle tries to run from the letters but then a giant of a man shows up and tells Harry that he’s a wizard and he’s going to a magical school called Hogwarts.



The Hobbit

Dad’s favorite book when I was a little kid was the Hobbit and he liked the new movies too. He’d always talk about the dragon scene.

Hobbits live in nice little holes in the ground and live uneventful lives tending their gardens and eating good food. Bilbo was the same until a wizard visits and marks his door. Next thing Bilbo knows a dozen dwarves arrive at his house thinking he’s a burglar that they need to join them on an adventure. Surprising everyone including himself, Bilbo joins them on their quest to reclaim their mines from a fire breathing dragon.




Travels with Charley

He’d always talk about Steinbeck and what a fantastic writer he was. He loved the way Steinbeck described the characters, so you could picture them exactly. How many people use the phrase he was a Lenny? His favorite book of Steinbeck’s was Travels with Charley. Steinbeck was afraid he was losing touch with the common man so he bought a trailer and traveled the country with his poodle Charley. Dad always loved talking with people and learning their stories and that’s what Steinbeck did in this book.




How have you all been? What books do your parents read?

If I did this post for my mom or my sister it would take me days to feature all their favorite books, but my dad had a few favorites that he would read again and again. (Or listen to.)