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I finally got my ratings and review policy page made! I wanted one for seven months, but I’m a great procrastinator. This got me thinking about what books I do and don’t like and which books I have a weakness for.

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I usually only read books that are fantasy or science fiction. (I’m trying to expand my reading, but it hasn’t worked.) But I like almost all kinds of scifi and fantasy. I used to like scifi more, but now I love fantasy the best.

Some books just have scifi and fantasy in them. If it’s more important to the main character to get with a guy than save the world I consider the book a romance.

Mystery is a great addition to scifi and fantasy though. (like the Dresden Files)

I love books with:

Magic and super powers!

Humor, witty and sarcastic characters. (I like non humorous books too, but humor is always a plus.)

I don’t like books which have: (aka I have a lot of pet peeves)

Lots of sex scenes. I’ll read a good book even if it has sex scenes in it, (Game of Thrones, True Blood.) I can just skip over them, but books described as steamy are not for me.

Books that have heartwarming, or inspiring in their descriptions, I like to be entertained not moved. Same with books that are all downer, the kind where I know I’m going to cry. I like books that make me happy.

I don’t read books with rape scenes! I will NOT read them. I also like to know ahead of time if there is an attempted rape. How far it got and what happens afterwards also matters.

Whiny, weak, annoying heroines, I’d sooner read about a perfect character than a damsel in distress.

Books where the characters fight with one another throughout the entire book. I don’t mind banter, but fighting gets old fast.

Books that preach at me. Sometimes it’s ignorable, (Sword of Truth) but usually it’s just annoying.

I can’t resist a book where the main character is secretly a monster, an alien, a robot, a fairy, or something. I love the whole secret identity thing and when it’s revealed to their friends who/what they really are. Bonus points if they’re one of the few good ones and most of their kind are evil. It’s my weakness, I know. I don’t care how silly the book is either as long as there’s a good revelation I love it!

What about you? What kind of books can’t you resist?