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Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic

Pages: 333

Point of View: First Present (Astarti & Logan)

Released: November 11, 2014

Predictability: 3 out of 5 (Where 1 is George RR Martin (If the characters make a plan or think about the future I know it isn’t going to go that way.) And 5 is Cinder (where I guessed what was going to happen long before it did, but it was still a great book.)

Source: Netgalley

My Rating: 9/10 Stars

My Summary: 

Astarti was abandoned by her mother, and left with the Griever’s Mark, which is placed on those about to die or unwanted children. She was taken in by Belos, who is known by many names, the deal maker, the deceiver, the liar. He makes deals with people offering them power in exchange for them accepting his Leach, which in turn feeds his magic. When Astarti was young he Leached her and now she has no choice but to do as he says. Through the Leach he can always find her and even take over her mind and control her.

Belos and his seven are Earthmakers, another people with great powers, but after being banished by his people he’s learned the magic of humans as well, Drifting. Drifters and Earthmakers hate one another and they all fear Belos.

Astarti is sent to convince someone to make a deal with Belos when she meets a young warden Earthmaker. She knows she should kill him, but she can’t bring herself to. She hates belonging to Belos, but thinks escape is impossible. Is this young warden her enemy or could he help her somehow?

My Review:

I LOVED this book! I seriously think it could (should) be the next hugely popular young adult fantasy! Sorry I’m a little late with this review it took me a bit to get my thoughts in order. (Coherency is good in a review)

The Good:

The magic was awesome! And so unique! There are two kinds of magical people; Earthmakers and Drifters. Earthmakers have control over the elements and can travel over a distance within the life force of trees. Drifters can form weapons and energy, traveling through the drift, a web created by living creatures.

I draw my thoughts into myself and ease along my mooring, the glowing thread of energy that connects my physical body to the energy world of the Drift. Though every living thing has a mooring, and every living thing is part of the Drift, only Drifters can travel along their mooring to actually enter the Drift. Or to draw power from it.

The world building was excellent and expertly done. It starts with a medieval kingdom, but the entire world is fleshed out with different peoples and cultures. I particularly liked the floating islands of the Earthmakers.

From the first page I could tell how well written this book was and I thought Astarti had a great voice. She’s been abused, but she was still tough and proud. She’s never had anyone be truly nice to her before, but that doesn’t stop her from being a good person.

One thing Belos has taught me is that you collect information where you can and you don’t let anyone know that you know it.

Logan was also an awesome character. He had enough personality and spunk to go along with his mysterious tortured past. He’s rash and emotional and unlike most Earthmakers, but that’s what I liked about him. All of the minor characters were well done too too especially Belos and the Drifter King. (He has a long name starting with H and I can’t remember it.)

Griever’s mark has nice action scenes, from swords and spears to the magical battles. (and even a siege) I could picture the fighting perfectly and I didn’t have the desire to skim over anything.

The pacing was intense towards the end, though it’s all pretty fast paced, but I even forgot to eat I was so engrossed in the story. (and that’s saying something. Molly eats like a hobbit.)

The romance was well done, and I’m totally rooting for these two. I like them both and I really felt it. Their relationship went at just the right speed to be believable! This book made me have feelings! I swear I almost teared up!

The Bad:

It ends to be continued! Why?! I need more NOW! The next book comes out in the spring of 2015. (Which I know isn’t too long in the book world, but I can’t wait!)

Have you found any good indie authors? (Indie = not published by a company, but just the individual)