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No, I’m not talking gibberish. NaNoWriMo is a writing competition that takes place in November where writers try to write 50,000 words over the course of the month. See my post from last year all about it here.

I think I set a record with worst NaNo start ever. I wrote 248 words so far… My writing just isn’t working right now, and I know myself better than to force the writing, because when it’s not working I can’t write anything good, but I haven’t written in a few months and I want to. (Sorry for the babble)

I wish you luck if you’re doing NaNoWriMo this year. TryΒ not stress out about it and just have fun writing. Don’t worry about word count, or even pay attention to it. Trying too hard last year only caused me to develop more writing bad habits, something I didn’t need, and I never wound up doing anything with my story anyway.

I don’t know if I’m going to keep trying with NaNo or just bookblogwrimo-bannerforget it and try to write every day on my own. I am going to participate inΒ BookBlogWriMo though. It’s a spinoff of NaNo that just started this year and is hosted by Bookbumblings with blogging prompts for writing every day.

I’m just going to post once a week-ish (Yes, I’m cheating) since I don’t have enough to say about most of these topics for a whole post.

History of the Blog

I was always creating websites as a kid, but my interests waned quickly. (I had many embarrassing sites starting from the age of 14. Pokemon, Digimon, and whatever else I was currently into.)

When I started this blog it was mostly to placate my sister who insisted I make one. (She forced me onto Facebook too) I made my first post on Wednesday July 23rd 2013 to celebrate finishing my rough draft.

At first I just talked about my book occasionally, and then I posted writing tips for a few months. Then in April of this year I wrote my first book review and really loved it. It was so much more fun and easier to write, (Some of those writing tip posts would take me all week to do) andΒ from then on I only wrote book reviews. πŸ™‚

How You Read

All the ways! I never thought I’d like my Kindle, but he’s just so handy. I still prefer the real thing though. I always start the book taking notes for my reviews, then I forget once I get into it. I tune out the world and hear nothing while I read. (My mom hears everything, it’s just scary.) I rarely use real bookmarks, I just grab random objects that are on hand. (Which can make it rather awkward when I go to read in public and I’ve got a feminine pad bookmark…)

Where You Read

Wherever I can. The couch or my bed are my favorite spots, but I always carry a book for waiting rooms.

Why You Blog

For fun, to make friends. (Free books are a bonus)

Where You Blog

WordPress for now, but I’m debating on getting a .com

Favorite Childhood Book

I really liked the Alex Mack books, Goosebumps, and the first Narnia, but I think my favorite was the Hobbit.

Blog’s First Design

I’ve made quite a few headers for this blog, but they were pretty much the same as what I have now. Β ThisΒ was my first one. (Yeah, it’s pretty bad.) I was trying to draw my characters, but I’m not good at coloring things on a computer. Then I added all of the stuff to the side in July in an attempt to spiffy things up around here.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo or BookBlogWriMo? What’s the history behind your blog? I always enjoy hearing about how everyone got started.

LastChangelingAlso: The Last Changeling comes out on November 8th~! Since it was my first ARC I didn’t realize I was supposed to wait and post my review closer to when the book was released, so be sure to check it out.