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demonsatdeadnightGenre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Demons, Powers

Pages: 404

Point of View: First (Aurora)

Released: January 5, 2012

Series: Divinicus Nex Chronicles

Predictability: 5 out of 5 (Where 1 is George RR Martin (If the characters make a plan or think about the future I know it isn’t going to go that way.) And 5 is Cinder (where I guessed what was going to happen long before it did, but it was still a great book.)

Source: Choosy Bookworm (I found a new place to find free to review books!)

Warning: Some icky-ness and one character wears flip-flops. (This warning is for Jess. 🙂 )

My Rating: 7/10 Stars

My Summary:

Aurora can see demons, and sense when they’re near. They’ve never bothered her before, but now the demons have stopped ignoring her. After an incident that left Aurora scared, her family moved back to Gossamer Falls. Aurora hasn’t been here since she was eight, but she vaguely remembers her old friends. When she meets them again, they’ve grown up into six cute young men with secrets of their own.

My Review:

I realize this sounds like a female harem, (and yes of course all six of the guys are extremely good looking) but it’s not and although more than one of the boys flirts with Aurora only one of them might like like her. (This is a reference to a funny conversation in the book where the boys actually discussed this.)

I liked her interactions with Ayden (the like like boy) but I’m not a fan of the shivers went down my spine, I got hot when he touched me style of romance. (So I skimmed those parts)

The Good:

While not perfect, Demons at Deadnight was a cute, fun, lighter book, and I really enjoyed it. Aurora had a great voice, but I’m always a fan of funny sarcastic protagonists.

The book alternates between demon attacks and Hex Boys scenes. (What the boys are called by their fellow high schoolers) Both the action and the boys’ scenes were well done and shockingly I found myself preferring scenes with the boys. (I know, what’s wrong we me preferring non actions scenes?) It’s just that the interactions and joking between the characters was so well done.

I image it was hard to create six unique teenage boys and have them all feel different and stand out while not becoming clichés, but the authors did it. Their arguing and joking felt authentic and they came off like real guys. (Which is always good in a male character.)

I LOVED Aurora’s family. So often in young adult the family is nonexistent or horrible, but her family really felt real and while it wasn’t perfect, it was nice. I liked all of her annoying little siblings and her overprotective parents. Since so much of what Aurora does is to protect her family, it was really important for us to fall for her family and I so did. (I actually teared up at a sweet father daughter moment)

Everything was described well, and I could picture the characters, school and houses perfectly. The world building was simple, but I liked it and though the powers were nothing special, they managed to make them unique. (And look really cool)

Most of my questions were answered with enough lose threads to make me want to read the sequel. I liked how the secrets were handled. The characters didn’t just confess everything, which makes sense, because in real life people wouldn’t. When they realized Aurora had to know some things they explained only what they felt she needed to know, still holding back their personal secrets. (Which also prevented information overload.)

The Bad:

Yes, Aurora occasionally acts stupid. Demons are trying to kill you, so you run from your protectors? But at the time her actions made sense being inside her head, because she wasn’t sure who she could trust.

The characters were so clueless! I figured out their secrets from the get go and they should’ve figured out Aurora’s too, but they never did. (I realize it’s probably realistic for someone to assume people don’t have powers, but come on! How many times do you have to have hints of them before you get it!)

 Will I read the next one? Yes.

How do you feel about perfectly attractive characters? 

I prefer not all of the characters looking like gods, but that’s me. I might be the oddball here (what else is new) but, I’d rather flawed or quirky characters.