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Molly-SebastianI’m back~! Technically I got back Thursday, at one am… I missed you guys!! *Hugs computer*

I originally planned to post and comment from SC, but there just wasn’t time. (I blame my sister who can never sit still)

How were your holidays? Mine were nice. We had beautiful weather and could take puppy for walks to the beach! It was so weird (in a good way) to have a warm Christmas.

My Christmas haul:


I also might have placed my first order from Book Outlet. 16 books for $40 including shipping, how could I resist?

2014 IN BOOKS (and pie charts)

Okay I know it’s silly, but I wanted to see how many books of each and stuff that I read last year, so I made pie charts. (I realize this post screams that I’ve had too much time on my hands.)

 Blog Posts



Where I got My Booksreadlibrarypie

I’d never heard of an arc before let alone read one, but this year I discovered Netgalley. 🙂

Kinds of Books I read


Of my 36 Science Fiction reads 23 were dystopians. I also read 4 fairy tale retellings & 3 short stories (which I might have counted towards my 100) and 2 short story collections.

Books read by Publish Date


Sabriel was the only book I read published before 2004.

How were your Holidays? Get any good books? Where did you get most of the books you read last year?