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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. They come up with top ten lists that people can blog about every week.

I got a little carried away again… I guess I have a lot of bookish problems.

1. So many books so little money

“That skirt is $15, that’s like three used books!” Who else rates other items based on how many books you could buy instead?


2. Library Hold Lists

I’ve been at the top of the Firefight hold list for a month now. If this person renews the book one. more. time. I’m going to flip!

3. Strange book formats (Adobe PDFs) 

Random library and arc books are in this Adobe PDF format, which means I can only read it on my computer or my phone. And it’s usually a book I really really want, so I spend several days squinting at my phone.

4. Heavy Hard Covers / Wait for Paperback

I am a paperback girl, they are cheaper and lighter, BUT they usually come out like a YEAR after the hard cover and sometimes I just can’t wait that long.

5. Never Ending To Read Lists

Yay I’ve read ten books off my to read list, and added 100 more…


6. Post Book Depression

Whether it was just that good or just that shocking, sometimes a book stays with me for a long time after I read it and that’s all I can think about. I can’t start another book because I’m still stuck in the last one.

7. Spoilers!

I like spoilers to be optional, that way if I want them I can click the tempting little spoiler tag or I can ignore it. Posting book spoilers on social media where I cannot look away is SO NOT OKAY.

8. Reading an emotional book in public and trying to act naturalbookishpeeves6

9. Wanting to read a book right now, but the Kindle price is only $3 less than the book

This goes with the waiting for the paperback. Sometimes those two days the book will take to come from Amazon are just too long. They really need a discount on the paperback/hardcover if you buy the Kindle book.

10. Extended Release Dates

Yay the next book is coming out in June, I mean November, I mean 2026… Okay so I might be talking about you Martin. I love your books, but you are a tad SLOW. Considering the first book was published in 1996 and the sixth STILL isn’t out… Yes, I want them good BUT come on already!

11. Being distracted from things I should be doing

I should be doing the dishes, but the lives off all of these fictional characters is on the line!


12. Books being made into movies

Do I really have to elaborate this one?

13. Having a crush on a fictional guy who isn’t age appropriate 

Yeah… This comes from being an adult who reads young adult. I realize I’m falling for this fictional character, but he’s only fifteen years old. AWKWARD.

14. Lack of Sleep

I like reading before bed, but it’s dangerous because all of a sudden my book will be done and the sun will be coming up.


15. Book shelf space

I’ve now made most of my books go horizontal and I’ve cleaned off all of the books I KNOW I’m never going to read, but once again I’m rapidly running out of room.


What’s the thing that annoys you most about books?