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Genre: New Adult, Fantasy

Pages: 400

Point of View: First Present (Maxon, Lianna)

Released: May 12th 2015

Series: Angelbound 4

Predictability: 4 out of 5 (Where 1 is totally unpredictable and 5 is I knew what was going to happen way ahead of time.)

Source: Netgalley

My Rating: 7/10 Stars

My Summary:

Lianna is one on the apprentices training to become the next ruler of the water elementals, but she’s only a Thrax (half angel) so the odds of her being chosen are slim. Zephyr the leader of the air elementals has been killing off water’s apprentices. He attacks Lianna, but she manages to escape and stumbles into Maxon and his friends demon hunting.

Maxon is the prince of the Thrax. He’s spent his whole life fighting demons, and living in the spotlight of the Thrax world, since his mother is also the one responsible for sending souls to heaven or hell. He can’t become her heir until he falls in love, but no one can see that happening any time soon.

My Review:

Rated new adult due to swearing, sex, and torture.

Though it’s the Fourth book of the series, Maxon can be read alone.

Note: Both main characters have some PTSD. (Personal pet peeve.)

The good:

We get to find out what happened to all of the characters from the first trilogy. Though they weren’t in it much, it was fun to see them again.

I love how Bauer manages to add some awesome new world building to each of her books. The world of the elementals was fascinating and I loved Lianna’s powers!

This is a fast paced book with plenty of action. It’s hard to pull off magical battles, but these were well done.

I was afraid it would be attraction at first sight, but both Lianna and Maxon had reasons to want to stay apart and this let their relationship progress more slowly. It turned out rather sweet, even if it was quite fast.

I liked Lianna right away! Maxon inherited his mother’s sass, (the main character of the original trilogy) but it took me a while to warm up to him.

The Bad:

At the beginning, Maxon came off like a moody womanizer and he seemed way too overpowered. Luckily, he grew on me after he met Lianna.

Lianna did something really stupid towards the end. (The kind of stupid they use a lot in TV, but that didn’t stop me from yelling at her.)

What are your feelings on New Adult? I’ve had some bad experiences and I’d almost written off the genre, but I liked this series so I wanted to see where it went. There was only one sex scene and it didn’t just feel thrown in. (Though some of the swearing did.) I’m glad I gave it a second chance since I enjoyed this book.