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Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Grim Reapers

Pages: 311

Point of View: Third person. (Lex mostly. Omniscient POV at times)

Released:  20th 2012


Predictability: 4 out of 5 (Where 1 is totally unpredictable and 5 is I knew what was going to happen way ahead of time.)

Mood: Funny, Dark at times

Source: Borrowed

My Rating: 7/10 Stars

Warnings: Child abuse (most of the Juniors suffered some sort of abuse in their pasts and they have the scars to show for it)

My Summary:

Lex is a juvenile delinquent. Her parents fed up with her antics send her to her uncle Mort’s farm for the summer.

But it turns out Uncle Mort isn’t a farmer, he’s a Grim Reaper and so is Lex.

My Review:

I liked the book, but disliked the main character. She’s mean! I think it would help if you pretend she’s a villain. In real life she’d have been kicked out of school a long time ago. She hit, stabed, bit, and caused harm to basically everyone around her! I know she was supposed to be a delinquent, but it was a bit much.

All of the characters (other than Lex) were fine. The only one I really liked was her crazy inventing Uncle Mort. Now he was a character!

The romance didn’t really do anything for me, but it wasn’t bad if you excuse Lex’s personality and briefly his. (Sorry a guy shouldn’t hit a girl even if she hit him first. Not that she should hit him either.)

I wanted to see more of the relationship between the sisters, but Cordy wasn’t in the book much. (They’re named after civil war battles Lexinton and Concord.)

The author has a tallent for names. I particuarly like that the Grimms helpers were called Excetras and the death puns in town of Croak.

Lex craned her neck and spotted a handful of oddly named stores: a flower shop called PUSHING DAISIES, a mattress place labeled THE BIG SLEEP, and a grocery store with a giant sign reading BOUGHT THE FARM.

The world building is what made the book for me. The author was very creative and added enough cute touches to make it seem plausible. The mystery of missing laundry being a result of Grimms cutting in and stealing it, and the way death works. I particularly liked the black widow spiders being involved. (With their hourglass markings.)

The Okay:

The mystery was predictable, but still interesting enough. I didn’t really laugh at the comedy, but this would’ve been a dark book without it.

The bad:

The only bad besides the main character was the occasional omniscient POV, the way it tried to act like a kid. That just makes it obvious the writer is really an adult and not someone who is really still a kid.

And a quote in case I’m not making very much sense:

As all kids know, it’s difficult enough to trust any adult, much less a deranged, life-endangering importer-exporter.

The main storyline was left unfinished so I had to read the next book! Tricky authors!

Book 2: Scorch


My rating: 6/10

The Bad:

What was a good sympathetic, intelligent villain in the first book has turned into just a mad killer.

There are numerous deaths and I didn’t feel anything from any of them.

The good:

The relationship! So often when a couple get together they get boring or sappy, but not here. They’re still their joking fighting selves. Although they do spend way too much time making out if you ask me.

I also liked the new characters. The plot did meander a bit though and I’m not a fan of falsely accused. So overall, okay but not great.

Book 3: Rogue


My rating: 5/10

The awful:

The plot in this book makes no sense! First they can’t crash (think teleport) because it’s too dangerous, so they go through all kinds of security to break into Grimm headquarters, (and a good chunk of the book) then they get out and there’s no choice but to crash?! (Seriously?!)

The rest of the plot was just as bad and I could rant forever about that ending! (But I won’t, because spoilers.)

Also they’re running for there lives and Lex and Driggs stop to have a moment not once but TWICE.

The good:

The ONLY thing that saved this book was watching Uncle Mort banter. That was brilliant!

So am I glad I read it? Not really.

How do you feel about happily ever after? I read books to make me happy, so I don’t usually read sad books and I NEED my happily ever after!