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I’m back! I missed everyone! I wasn’t able to take my computer with me this year and I got sick.

Look how much my sister’s dog Sebastian has grown!


He’s so sweet! Whenever I coughed he’d come and cuddle me!

I hope y’all (I was in the South) had a Merry Christmas! Mine was wonderful! I got a new Kindle and three books! I also saw the new Star Wars movie, which was amazing!


I finally started a bookstagram account and I’m loving it!


Last year I failed at my Goodreads Challenge and only read 68 out of 100 books. So naturally I set it for 100 again! (Third times the charm?)Ā I’ve also decided to join a couple of challenges.

RhiReading ReadingChallengesanderson.png

I made my own Challenge too! I borrowed (stole) some random ones from various challenges that I liked! I NEED to read more books I already own!


Did you make any resolutions/ challenges? How was your Christmas? Get any good books? Have you seen the new Star Wars movie?Ā