Ratings and Policies

My ratings are out of 10 Stars

10 Stars – I am obsessed with this book, I adore it, and must own it now! I will read it again and again.

9 Stars – An awesome book, just short of perfection! I still feel the need to own it even though I’ve read it.

8 Stars – A great book! I want to buy it, but I’ll wait for the used book store to have it.

7 Stars – A really good book. I might buy it, but I might not.

6 Stars – A good book, and I’m glad I read it, but I probably won’t read it again.

5 Stars – Well I finished it. It was okay, not for me.

4 Stars – This is a bad book, I can’t believe I read the whole thing.

3 Stars – I didn’t finish this book it was so bad, but I read enough to know how bad it was.

2 Stars – I am haunted by this book. It’s so awful I still have bad dreams about it.

1 Star – This is not a book, it is a collection of words that someone is trying to pass off as a book. It never should’ve been published.

I read mostly Fantasy, and some science fiction. I’m not a fan of paranormal romance. (Or any book where the romance takes over the plot.)

I read books for adults, YA, and even some middle grade.

I love books with:

Magic and super powers!

Humor, witty and sarcastic characters. (I like non humorous books too, but humor is always a plus.)

I can’t resist a book where the main character is secretly a monster, an alien, a robot, a fairy, or something. I love the whole secret identity thing and when it’s revealed to their friends who/what they really are. Bonus points if they’re one of the few good ones and most of their kind are evil. It’s my weakness, I know. I don’t care how silly the book is either as long as there’s a good revelation I love it!

Things I don’t like: (aka I have a lot of pet peeves)

I don’t read books with rape scenes! I will NOT read them. I also like to know ahead of time if there is an attempted rape. How far it got and what happens afterwards also matters.

I don’t read erotica and I’m picky about my paranormal romance. 

Books that are all downer, the kind where I know I’m going to cry. I like books that make me happy. I NEED my happily ever after!

Does your book sound like something I might like?

Send me a link to its Amazon page and I’ll let you know if I’m interested. I always get my reviews done within two months of receiving a book, (Usually one month.) and I will post it on any additional sites you would like, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ect.

I don’t do blitzes or cover reveals, but I’ll do a giveaway if I liked your book.

Contact me at mollymortensenblog at gmail or using the form below.

4 thoughts on “Ratings and Policies”

  1. I love your rating descriptions! And like I said before, we have quite similar dislikes when it comes to books. 😀

  2. Thank you! 🙂 Great mind think alike. I guess that explains why I usually agree with your reviews.

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