What I’m Writing

I’m still editing and rewriting Woven Magic (I keep learning more about writing and finding more annoying bad habits.)

Woven Magic’s sequel is almost half finished now!

I’ve also written a few short stories. They have tentative titles such as Wings, Undertown, Holding Tanks, Going Crazy?, Changes, and Puppet Master.


Woven Magic

Ten years ago the shift occurred. For one day, the Earth merged with another world, and strange sword-wielding people were everywhere. Afterwards, everything went back to normal, except two million humans wound up on the other world. In this new world, technology fails, but magic is real.

Alyt is a human girl who has never been out of her tiny village. When she magically defends her home from barbarians, her friends, and neighbors kick her out. She thinks that learning to control her magic will solve all of her problems, but it is only the start of them.

Madj Jyk is a Kuth, a native of the world of magic. He has taken on the unwanted job of being a regional Madj. When city-states have problems involving magic, they call Jyk. Regional Madj usually don’t have apprentices due to the dangerous nature of their work, but Jyk has agreed to allow Alyt to become apprentice. Alyt tries to prove herself and in the process, reveals she has special skills even Jyk has never seen before.

Alyt will travel the world, visiting castles, jungles, and even a magical island. It is always an adventure, but nothing ever goes smoothly. The barbarians who attacked her village keep attacking the humans, because they believe the land is theirs. Jyk cannot help, because the Madj council prevents him from interfering unless magic is involved. Alyt has to master her magic, survive her adventures with Jyk, and save the humans from the barbarians.

10 thoughts on “What I’m Writing”

  1. This looks really interesting! I wish I was as far along in my writing.

  2. Really cool idea! When is it going to be done?

  3. I’m in the same predicament, editing and re-editing as I continue learning more about writing. Avoiding cliche phrases and adding “subtext” is what I’m working on right now πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one. I think I’ve figured out this whole writing thing and then I learn something else really important. Good luck finishing your editing!

      • Yes, another author told me: the more you learn, the harder it becomes. I’m finding it’s true. The more I learn about how writing should be, the more it grows harder to perfect my editing.

        Thanks! I wish you the best with your editing too. If you ever need a dose of encouragement, I’ll hand you some πŸ™‚

      • That is so true! It continues to astound me all that I didn’t know when I started. I only just realized that I was using ‘filters’ like she saw instead of just describing things. *face palm*

        Same here. If you ever need encouragement let me know. πŸ˜‰

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