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(Okay so this is my freebie because I didn’t come up with the idea in time.)

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. They come up with top ten lists that people can blog about every week.

I like things organized so on Goodreads I have a Might Read Books list. (Which had 138 books on it, but I’m now down to 107 after making this list)

One of the best parts of these lists (besides reading them all) is getting opinions on books I’m curious about, hence this list.

falseprince1. The False Prince 

A civil war is brewing. A nobleman has a plan to find a look alike for the king’s long lost son and make him a puppet prince. Four orphans are recruited to compete for the role.

Why it sounds good: The political intrigue and war brewing, a competition to become prince.

Why I’m unsure: PTSD, kids killing kids?

2. Across the Universeacrosstheuniverse

Amy’s on a spaceship where she was supposed to sleep for 300 years and arrive at a new planet, but she’s woken up 50 years early, because someone tried to kill her.

Why it sounds good: Scifi and mystery

Why I’m unsure: too much romance (instant) and beautifully perfect characters

incarceron_book_cover3. Incarceron 

In a futuristic prison a young prisoner with no memory of how he got there find a crystal key which enables him to talk to the warden’s daughter who is trapped in a prison of her own, an arranged marriage.

Why it sounds good: I’ve heard good things, Sounds a bit like man in the iron mask

Why I’m unsure: the whole prisoner thing

4. Every Dayeveryday

A wakes up in a different body every day. A has no control over who he winds up in. Then A is in the body of Justin and falls in love with Justin’s girlfriend.

Why it sounds good: Cool Premise

Why I’m unsure: Stalker who processes bodies

bloodredroad5. Blood Red Road 

Saba lives in a wasteland with constant sandstorms. When her brother is kidnapped by the four horsemen she teams up with a band of girl revolutionaries.

Why it sounds good: kick butt heroine

Why I’m unsure: strange narration style

6. The Monstrumologistmonstrumologist

Will is assistant to a Monstrumologist, someone who studies monsters. A grave robber brings them their most deadly case yet.

Why it sounds good: Monsters

Why I’m unsure: Horror

7. Crewel crewel

Adelica has the ability to weave time, but she’s trying to fail. Those chosen by the guild live a life of privilege, but they also control people. One mistake was all it took and now they’re coming for her.

Why it sounds good: Such a cool premise!

Why I’m unsure: Sexual discrimination, slow paced

8. Rebootreboot

Reboots have died, the longer they stayed dead the tougher they are. Wren was dead for 178 minutes, the longest ever. She’s in charge of training new reboots. Callum is a 22, and practically human, so why is Wren attracted to him?

Why it sounds good: Kick butt girl who’s different

Why I’m unsure: Romance over plot

rubyred9. Ruby Red

Gwyneth hasn’t been prepared for traveling through time like her cousin, but suddenly it’s her whose in a different era. She’ll have to work with Gideon, a time traveler from another gifted family, to discover who in the 18th century they can trust.

Why it sounds good: Time travel!

Why I’m unsure: The book was translated into English so some parts are awkward, slow to start.

10. The Nightmare Affairnightmareaffair

Dusty is a Nightmare, literally. She goes to an academy for magical peoples, but she’s the only Nightmare. When she sees a murder in someone’s dreams that happens in real life she has to look for clues before someone else winds up dead. (Of course the dreamer is a cute boy)

Why it sounds good: A magical school, a nightmare (never heard of that one before) and a murder.

Why I’m unsure: Too much romance instead of mystery

By the sounds of this I don’t like romance. That isn’t so! I just like characters, plot, and action more. I don’t mind romance in a book, I just don’t like it to take over.

How much romance do you like in your books?