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snowlikeashesGenre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic

Pages: 422

Point of View: First (Meira)

Released: October 14, 2014

Series: Snow Like Ashes #1

Predictability: 2 out of 5 (Where 1 is totally unpredictable and 5 is I knew what was going to happen way ahead of time.)

Source: Library

My Rating: 9/10 Stars

My Summary:

Sixteen years ago, the kingdom of Spring attacked the land of Winter. Only twenty-five Winterians managed to escape, the rest were killed or enslaved. Their queen was killed and their locket conduit, the source of their magic, broken. The Winter refugees have been in hiding, trying to can get the two pieces of the locket back, so that they might stand a chance at getting their kingdom back.

Meira’s an orphan who grew up among the Winter refugees. She struggles to prove herself as a solider and though she knows nothing can ever happen between them, she has feelings for Winter’s young king.

My Review:

I loved the world building in this book! A thousand years ago the kingdoms created eight magic conduits for the four Season kingdoms (they are permanently stuck in one season) and the four Rhythm kingdoms. The conduits only work for the royal family and are either female or male line based. With these conduits they can make crops grow, make people better soldiers, keep their people healthy, or in the case of Spring force their people to obey.

The pacing is very even, skipping over any everyday boring details and getting to the good stuff. I never knew where the plot was going to go next, though I did guess one of the major twists from the beginning.

There were some good action scenes and I liked that Meira was a good fighter, but she wasn’t automatically good at everything. She does some death defying stunts over rooftops and climbing up castles. (Some of which were a little unbelievable, but just so cool!)

The characters are solid and well created, but there was nothing really outstanding about them. They have potential, but with so much going on there wasn’t time for more development. Meira evolves over the course of the book (through a lot of introspection, that girl thinks way too much) so I’m hoping that she’ll be a great character next book.

The romance wasn’t too quick and I felt like I understood it. The next book will tell where it’s going since it was just getting started here. There is a love triangle, but it isn’t one of those annoying ones. (Where one girl leads two men on) It was political since the Winterians need to use marriages to gain allies. Also both of them are nice guys, so I don’t care which she ends up with. (Yay I can’t choose wrong!) Though I do like one more than the other, if only slightly.

The Bad:

There were a couple of times where Meira was getting all lovey-dovey when she should have been running for her life. Yes, I know, she’s always running for her life, but priorities girl!

Are love triangles a deal breaker for you? 

I used to HATE them, but lately I’ve read a few that I didn’t mind.